Steve Woods

National Cherry Popsicle Day

In What Day is it? on August 26, 2009 at 12:08 am

Popsicles in Flavor VarietyPopsicles of all flavors have long been cherished in America by children. They should be, since the popsicle was invented by one of them.  In 1905, 11-year-old Frank Epperson left his homemade combination of fruity soda powder and water outside during a record cold night in San Francisco, with a stir-stick in the glass.  Later discovering his soda in the frozen state, he pulled it out of the glass and discovered it to his liking.

18 years later while running a lemonade stand in Oakland, Frank reminisced about this experience, and decided there was money to be made from it. He quickly moved to patent his “frozen ice on a stick,” calling it an Epsicle Ice Pop and originating with 7 different flavors.  His children especially loved the concoction, calling it “Pop’s Sicle.” The name Popsicle soon stuck.

In 1925, Frank sold his patent to the Joe Lowe Company, which in turn passed it on to the Good Humor Company, who currently own the rights to the Popsicle brand name and makes over 30 flavors. While holding the patent, Frank earned royalties on the sale of over 60 million popsicles.

After WWII, families in the suburbs of America realized they could afford in-home refrigerators, and the Popsicle took off, emerging in grocery stores everywhere.

Make your own fruit juice popsicles…

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