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Men Make Dinner Day

In What Day is it? on November 5, 2009 at 12:06 pm

What is that incredible smell?!?

For the women reading this, November 5th is National Men Make Dinner Day.  It is also known affectionately as National What The Heck is That on My Plate Day, National Why Are There So Many Dishes in the Sink! Day, and so forth.

Take some time after reading this, find your significantly manly other’s cell phone number, and happily dial it so that you can tell him the GOOD NEWS!  Just make sure you have finished reading first, as there are a number of rules involved with this uniquely dangerous holiday.  You will want to become knowledgeable on them prior to the negotiations with him, lest you wind up being provided a less-than-desirable offering from the kitchen.

Rules for Men make Dinner Day

1. The meal is dinner, and served sometime between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. prompt.

2. Ambience is required, including (but not limited to) decent and clean dish, glass and flatware, napkins, and a form of desirable table decor (candles, placemats, centerpiece, etc.)


Setting a fine example, men...

3. Table must be cleaned and dry prior to serving the dishes.

4. There must be a minimum of 2 items on the plate. It is desired that at least one fully cooked vegetable and starchy item be provided.  Meat is optional, in that there are a growing number of vegetarians…

5. The foods provided must be cooked, in a stove, on a pan or grill, or using a pot. Microwaving is allowed for the vegetables only.

6. The main dish must have a minimum of 4 ingredients, and found in a published cookbook or Internet site of decent repute.

7. Nudity is optional, and only allowed when welcome.  If bacon is involved, nudity is not recommended during the cooking of the meal…  A decent shirt, socks and trousers is strongly suggested. Aprons are optional, but certainly welcome both during the cooking and serving portion of the meal.

8. Foods cooked must be of a nature deemed desirable by those being served, as drawn from personal experience.  If you are unsure, you MUST ask your woman what she wants!

9. It is desired that the food be served on serving plates or trays, with proper implements for serving.  Service for two only allows for the food to be placed on the plates, but offset by appropriate ambience, including candles and preferably softer music.

10. My strongest recommendation is to clean up after dinner is over, including the table, plates, counters and cooking surfaces.  In most instances, this produces more of a positive reaction than the dinner itself.

Meal Suggestions


Oh, my hero....

Male Kitchen Colleagues: Search your home or the Internet high and low for a good cookbook, and find something that you have identified ingredients for, and you know your mate will love.  Shop for what is needed, now.   There are so many incredible and easy dinner recipes on the Web!

Here are a few sites to get you started, from some of the most influential chefs in the World and right here on Twitter.  Some are simple to follow, while others will require a more experienced man in the kitchen…

Mario Batali – Incredible Italian recipes! Fuggedaboudit!

Bobby Flay – BBQ, Dude!

Gordon Ramsay – Shut up and cook!

Paul Bocuse – Fine French dining… Bon Appetit!

Chef Andre’s Recipes courtesy of

Emeril’s Recipes – BAM!!!

Jamie Oliver (The Naked Chef) – Not what you think…

Gary Arbaugh – wonderful variety of easy recipes, sure to please your significant other!

Visit back here tomorrow, and let me know how it went…

Steve Woods

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  1. I like it! My hubby is making me dinner tonight, not sure what it will be. I know it will taste good though. Nice blog Esteban!

    • Glad you liked it! Make sure he makes something delicious! And please keep visiting and commenting on the blog! ~Steve

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