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orrereDopodomani means “The day after tomorrow.” As the song says it, who knows what tomorrow brings?  Changes, always changes…

I was born and raised into a conservative, Portuguese Catholic family. After my first communion I became an alter boy for a stretch of time. During adulthood I waxed and waned between many faiths, studying the Koran, the words of the Dalai Lama, Siddhartha, Jesus, and much more. And one day, to my surprise, I discovered that the words in the Torah matched the scratchings on my heart, the folds of my brain, the lines on my fingertips. I was a very liberal Jew.  Oy!

Since this discovery, I’ve plunged head-first into the Jewish concept of Tikkun Olam, or Healing the World. Rather than awaiting a Messiah, I do what I can to help usher in a Messianic age of sorts, wherein we all reach to each other in grace and love.  My Humanist side desires that we first learn to turn to each other in need, and in support work to be the person that can be relied upon for help.  I believe our Creator, much like ourselves, desires to walk into a project seeing its participants hard at work already…

I’m a card-carrying Liberal. The stand on the street corner with a sign saying we should all be allowed to marry type. I want to allow all to share in and enjoy the beauty of commitment and shared responsibility for ourselves and each other.  I am a straight man wanting so much to do what I can to help everybody enjoy all of the best of marriage. Why would I care about marriage for all so much? I mean, I’ve been married and divorced more than once… To be sure, I should shy away from it, but I am strongly in love with the very concept of marriage, and look forward to its presence in my life again.

I believe in Universal, Socialized Health Care for ALL. I believe in our government’s ability to provide healthcare for all, because I believe in the very American concept that We Are the Government, and therefore I believe in our own need and ability to take care of each other.  I believe it is our duty, not the duty of commerce to do so.

Lest you stereotype me, let it be known that I am, in every sense, a Man. I played football for many years, ramming knees into snow-covered ground, grinding helmets against much bigger foes.  I played basketball and soccer too, when I once had the grace of a man impressing only himself.  I have held many a big screwdriver to an engine block with grease-covered hands, dirty t-shirt, torn jeans and old sneakers, listening intently to the fat end.  I can and do cook well, can sew when needed, can be the gentlest lover and fiercest defender. I am who I am, and make no apologies for it.

I can write. The blog doesn’t do me justice, but it’s a start, a fleeting glance into the coy eyes of my first love, as we pass each day. She smiles back, and I continue to try to amuse… Someday I hope to have more than a passing relationship, when I muster the courage and time to commit.  I am a poet, when God grants me safe passage to the creative flow. I draw and paint, but store away my works like grain before the Winter. I am positively enamored with what PhotoShop and a sensitive mouse can do…

I love people, the very uniqueness of each person. I am fond of the human condition, as we scurry about, grasping for each other, filling daily necessities between breaths with conversation, perfume, smiles, tears, laughter. I could sit outside all day, slowly sipping lattes while watching the rest of us Live.  I am not as adept in personal relationships as I would like to be; however I have been granted the company of a wonderful woman who has enough ability for the two of us, and gently pulls me along in the right direction.  Thank you, lovely Nadira.  I am watching you too, and learning…

I love my alone time, to contemplate my place in the World. With five children between us, let us just say that there is little time to contemplate, so rather than looking off into the distance, I follow in the path they tear through the underbrush, squealing and screaming.

Because I was a military brat, I have had the eye-opening pleasure of living in many states, the Phillippines and Italy. I have been amongst some of the most extreme poverty in the World, and have found some of the most incredible beauty in its midst.  I’ve been lifted in sharing mass with Pope John Paul II in Rome, and utterly crushed by the eyes of a woman begging in the streets of Manila. I’ve lived in big cities and small farms, finding comfort both in the sound of traffic up close, and the soft mewling of baby calves in the distance.

Each and every day is to be savored and enjoyed, to be celebrated. I am unable to celebrate alone; call it a flaw, or a gift to have found out. All around me, the Universe moves forward, stretching its boundaries, reaching out for the timeless more. Should I do any less?

    • Thanks, Tina. I try to put something up each and every weekday, so please visit often! Love comments too of any sort, too…

  1. Great bio! I wish you the very best and will follow your blog. Best! Michele

    • Thank you, Michele! I have noticed that most tend to read my bio more than anything else. I have been pondering a major rewrite of it, including so much more about me. Hope it will be worthwhile, and I truly hope that you enjoy my future entries. I shall return the favor and place your blog on my blogroll… ~Steve

  2. […] First Tweet 4 hours ago _stevewoods Steve Woods Highly Influential Updated the About Me section of my blog. Positively spellbinding LOL view retweet […]

  3. Your autobiography would be like reading an adventure. Something to think about.

    • Yes, but then I would likely spend days drawing all of those stick figures in precarious situations for the illustrations! Thank you for that one! Thanks for all of your support and love on Twitter, Janet!

  4. One of the best bios I’ve ever written. Just found your blog, it’s equally as well done. Your commitment to posting daily is a rigor I must adopt, or for me, perhaps every other day might be more reasonable. I tend to over think my posts. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Sorry, I didn’t write your bio – you did, one of those senior moments, or a moment of envy – who knows.

    • LOL I knew what you meant, Beth! And thank you for the very sweet comment about my biography. Please continue to return to the blog and provide your comments to me, your encouragement and even critiques. It isn’t always easy to blog during the week, but I am committed to it. So many people find my posts much later than the day they were shared, and I love it! Thank you! ~Steve

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